Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 161: Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of SAR 2021

In this episode of Saltwater Aquarium Radio I talk about the Top 10 most downloaded episodes of the podcast for 2021. Then answer a question on starting aquarium size for the question of the week. Be sure to check out check out the products discussed in today’s episode below. If there isn’t any links visit us at

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Podcast Episode Topic Links:

10: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 121: Clean up Crew Stocking Plan for Your Reef Tank

9: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 137: Top 10 Crabs for your Aquarium

8: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 110: 5 Must Have Items for Setting Up a Pico Reef Tank

7: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 122: Top 10 Must Have Nano Reef Tank Items

6: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 144: What is a Stalled Cycle of a Reef Tank?

5: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 113: Everything Zoanthids

4: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 135: The Great Anemone Standoff

3: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 112: Nano Reef Tank Equipment

2: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 152: Some Bad Reef Tank Advice

1: Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 145: Sea Anemones, To Host or Not to Host?

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