Top 10 Fish Food for Your Reef Tank

What’s going on salt nation? I was thinking about my next top 10 video I wanted to for you guys and I had a thought. What about a top ten fish food for your reef tank. It’s not really a topic that is touched on very often.

Good fish food plays a huge role in the success of your reef tank’s inhabitants and verity is key. In the video below I share my favorite fish foods and provide some helpful tips when feeding you’re fish and corals.

Top 10 Fish Foods for Your Reef Tank Video

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There a many different types of fish food available to hobbyist but the best is always going to be fresh and live. I’m not dumping on dry food because that has it place but for the nutrition side of thing fresh and live is best.

Top 10 Foods for Your Fish and Corals

If you don’t have time to watch the video above (you should for fish feeding tips) in short the top ten fish foods are listed for you below. Keep in mind that this is a balanced list of my favorites.

10. New Life Spectrum

9. Ocean Nutrition

8. AlgaGen

7. Piscine Energetics

6. San Francisco Bay Brand or SFBB

5. NYOS Liquid plankton

4. Algae Barn

3. Larry’s Reef Services LRS Food

2. Reef Nutrition

1. Rod’s Food

Make Your own Fish Food

Making your own fish food can be fun, I have a helpful post on DIY fish food from Dr. Tim’s where I take a look at their fish food you can make.

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