Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 274: Nano Saltwater Fish and Traveling with Corals

In this episode of Saltwater Aquarium Radio we talk about top 10 saltwater fish for a 20 gallon nano reef tank . Also I answer a question on traveling with corals and other livestock. Be sure to check out check out the products discussed in today’s episode below. If there isn’t any links visit us at

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Live copepods for sale -Store Link

MHR Testing Parameters -Video Link

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20 ways to Improve Your Aquarium Husbandry

Understanding Redox Balance In Your Reef Tank

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What Are The Most Important Reef Tank Parameters (article)

How To Deal With Diatoms In A Reef Tank (article)

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10 Tips For Adding Saltwater Fish (video)

Setting up my Fish Store (Video Playlist)

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Phosphate Rx

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How to Select your Saltwater Fish (MHRT)

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