Saltwater Aquarium Podcast

Jeff Hesketh here, the founder and host of Saltwater Aquarium Radio. The SAR Podcast is a means to share my love of saltwater aquariums and to educate others interested the hobby. Some of you my know me from my work on Mad Hatter’s Reef and now with Saltwater Aquarium Radio its time to take it to the next level with Podcasting.

Saltwater Aquarium Radio is committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate saltwater aquarium keeping information possible, for people looking to get started with their own saltwater aquarium or help an old salty dog pick up a new trick. Within this Podcast I will also interview the top leaders in the saltwater aquarium. We hope that you’ll find all the information that you need and share your success with others.

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Imagine being able to easily start and maintain a saltwater aquarium loaded with corals, beautiful fish and various invertebrates in your home.  No matter what your budget or skill level. I strongly believe anyone willing to learn and place that knowledge to work, will be able to enjoy a saltwater aquarium of their own.

This is what Saltwater Aquarium Radio is all about.