Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 002: Saltwater Aquariums and Fishless Cycling

Saltwater Aquarium Podcast

Show Notes:

In this episode of The Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast, I cover the benefits of fishless cycling and how to cycle your aquarium with nitrifying bacteria and ammonium chloride. These products are available at Dr. Tim’s Aquatics.

Dr. Tim’s Aquatics One and Only: here

DrTim’s Aquatics Ammonium chloride: here

The biggest advantage to fishless cycling is that you can safely stock the aquarium without subjecting your new fish to toxic levels of ammonia or nitrite. Elevated ammonia and nitrite levels are capable of doing long-term damage to fish, invertebrates and corals. I also talk about some up coming projects and where to find more information on them.

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Fishless Cycling Videos:

This video demonstrates how to effectively set up a Nano Reef aquarium with a used Fluval Spec 5 gallon. In this video I will take you all the way through the process from the unboxing to a nano reef aquarium. I show you how to cycle an aquarium using a Fishes Cycling technique for saltwater aquarium. I will also provide some advice on new aquariums.

Fishless Cycling follow Up

This video demonstrates how to effectively cycle a Nano Reef aquarium with my fishless cycling method in just 5 days. I used Dr. Tim’s Aquatics: One an Only and an Ammonium Chloride solution.

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