Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 032: The Trident | Automatic alkalinity, calcium and magnesium testing

SAR Podcast Episode: 032 Show Notes

In this session of the saltwater aquarium radio podcast, we talk about The Neptune System’s Trident and more specifically a video I recently found on Youtube involing the trident being compared to the alkatronic. As always, I hope you enjoy this week’s episode and be sure to stop by next week for a brand new episode. Links to the topic of today’s podcast are listed below and as always, you can bring the conversation of today’s podcast to twitter with @SARpodcast.

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SAR Question of the Week:

Hi Jeff,

My reef tank is about a year old now and fairly established. I don’t experience significant algae growth, high nitrate levels, or any other concerning outliers when doing basic water tests.

If I wait too long in between water changes some of my lps coral won’t fully open. I don’t want to have to do consistent water changes if not necessary, but are levels such as calcium, alkalinity, and PH levels being depleted during long periods in between water changes?

In simpler terms, do water changes assist with boosting important levels such as PH, calcium alkalinity? And do these levels deplete over time if no other boosters are added?

This week’s Question is answered at 20m:50Sec

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In Today’s video, we take a look at the video which involed the Trident and alkatronic made by Mr. Saltwatertank for and while your on Youtube make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel here.

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