Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 026: An Intro to Aquarium Controllers with Deven Rich

SAR Podcast Episode: 026 Show Notes

In this session of the saltwater aquarium radio podcast, I talk with Deven Rich of Reef Dudes about aquarium controllers and how they can help you keep a successful reef tank. Deven is next level when it comes to aquarium controllers so make sure you listen to this episode. As always I hope you enjoy this week’s episode and be sure to stop by next week for a brand new episode. Links to the topic of todays podcast are listed below and as always, you can bring the conversation of todays podcast to twitter with @SARpodcast.

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Today’s video we take a look at Deven’s video where he talks about using Alexa in connection with the aquarium controller called Apex. For more of Deven’s videos follow the link above to his YouTube channel.

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