Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast 009: Clownfish Breeding with Luis and Elvis Perez

SAR Podcast Episode: 009 Show Notes

In this episode of The Saltwater Aquarium Radio Podcast, I talk about breeding clownfish with Luis and Elvis Perez of Aqualogy. As of late I’ve been asked a lot of questions about breeding clownfish and with a little research I found Luis on YouTube documenting the whole process. So I invited him on the podcast and the rest is history. Links to the topic of todays podcast are listed below and as always, you can bring the conversation of todays podcast to twitter with #SAR009.

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Luis Perez’s Clownfish Breeding Video:

Here’s a video of what hatch night looks like for a clownfish breeder. If you go back and look at Luis’s earlier video, you can see his methodology change over time. Supporting aquacultured marine fish will help reduce collection from the wild reefs, It will also strengthening our communities with local jobs by investing our money closer to home and preserve our hobby.

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